This Youtuber Is Staging The Most Elaborate 64 Man Battlefield 1 Stunts

Youtuber DooM49 is pulling off some crazy Battlefield 1 stunts on Youtube. Why? Because they can. What other reason could there be for doing these things? They describe their antics as being “Michael Bay craziness”, but even Michael Bay would watch some of this and be like “Damn, that’s not realistic at all.”

You know what they say, 64 heads are better than one. Have you ever wondered what would happen if 64 players got together to charge at each other holding bayonets? DooM49 wondered, and then made it happen to find out. Be the change you want to see in the world.


In another stunt, they gather a bunch of people on top of a blimp before blowing it up. What else can you really say about that?

But seriously, who gave these guys a blimp…?

image: youtube

You had to know this wasn’t going to end well…


Check out some of their stunts in the video below. They say they’ve got more Battlefield 1 destruction and stunt videos on the way, so keep an eye out and toss them a subscription.