This Is What Grand Theft Auto Would Be Like In Real Life

Gaming has taken huge leaps due to the improvements in technology in recent years. Things are becoming more and more real in games than before and we are liking it.

Since the last few years even the virtual reality games are becoming an active part of the video game scenario. Virtual reality games are actually the future of gaming.


A lot of games are now moving to VR and we would love to see more games added to that list. One of the games that we would love to dearly see in virtual reality is Grand Theft Auto.

YouTube user, has already created a short video which features Steven Ogg, who is the voice actor behind Trevor in GTA V.


Corridor, in his video has shown how blowing up police vehicles, helicopters crashing in the sky, stealing vehicles and tanks falling from the sky would feel like in real life.

I wish this could have been a real thing for at least a couple of days.

Here’s the video: