Popular DJ Blames Video Games For The Rise of Donald Trump

Sometimes, people like to look for things to blame. It makes people feel more comfortable to shift the blame to someone else or something else. One of the things that gets unwarranted blame for a lot of things is video games. Now the rise and upcoming election of Donald Trump has apparently been attributed by video games, according to a popular DJ.

Successful and widely recognised DJ and Musician Moby has commented that video games have partly allowed the rise of Trump’s misogynistic rhetoric to become popular and accepted.

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Moby recently blogged on The Huffington Post about the issues and here’s what he had to say:

I was at a friend’s house and his kids were playing video games. I learned from his 10-year-old son how profitable it was in the video game to have sex with a prostitute, and then kill her and take back the money that you’d just paid her for sex. When you have kids in middle America growing up listening to misogynistic music, and playing misogynist video games, and watching misogynistic TV and movies, is it in any way surprising that they grow up and respond warmly to Trump and his misogyny?

It’s a strong claim from Moby who is clearly still reeling from the news of yesterday that Donald Trump, business man and reality TV star will be inaugurated as President of the United States early next year.

Source: ZME Science

Source: ZME Science

Moby does seem to be a little out of teach with current video game audiences. He brings up the issues that the community has been defending itself against for a while now. Years, even.

What is best now to do, is to focus on campaigning, local and national and not to get mixed up with largely irrelevant issues such as the perceived negative influence of video games.